Spirituality is how we channel our desires and shape our actions, it is what gives us the energy and moves us into the world in a way that is meaningful and authentic. Spirituality animates, sustains and gives purpose and direction to the longing to be connected to ourselves, to others, to the earth, to God however s/he is understood.

“The true miracle is not walking on water or walking in air, but simply walking on this earth.” Thich Nhat Hanh

The Centre hosts Encounter (The London Course) and The Art of Spiritual Direction Ignatian Spirituality Course both of which form and train people in the art and ministry of spiritual direction.

The very popular Developing Direction series offers practising directors the opportunity for continuing development.

We offer monthly Supervision Groups and Individual Supervision for practising directors, and Training in Supervision Skills.

YEAR ONE DATES 2015–2016


This is a three year programme.  Each year has six modules of five sessions;
each module holding an overall theme.  

There will be a break between modules but these will not always fall within school half-terms.
We will naturally break for Christmas, Easter and summer holidays.  
Appraisals happen two afternoons a year in Modules 3 and 6, also on a Tuesday.

In addition, each year has one Saturday Intensive.



Module 1  6 October 2015 – 3 November 2015


Module 2  17 November 2015 – 15 December 2015


Module 3  12 January 2016 – 9 February 2016 

NB appraisal date – afternoon of 9 February, to be arranged with tutor


Module 4  23 February 2016 – 15 March 2016, 12 April 2016

NB This module is interrupted by an early Easter this year and so the
final session will happen after the 3 week break, on 12 April


Module 5  19 April 2016 – 17 May 2016


Module 6  7 June 2016 –  5 July 2016

NB appraisal date – afternoon of 28th June, to be arranged with tutor


Saturday Intensive

16th January 2016                       

10am–8pm including Shared Dinner



The fee for each of the three years will be £1,200.

In the first year there is also a £20 library deposit to pay.

To secure your place you need to pay a £50 advance payment after acceptance onto the course.

The remaining fee may be paid in three installments (September £450, December £400, March £320).

It works out at approximately £36 a session or £12 an hour.

You can also arrange to pay by monthly standing order to spread the cost. Please ask for details. 


Further information

Contact the administrator, Gaynor Harper: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.